My New Home at Coldwell Banker

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Hello Friends, 

Welcome to my first blog post as a Coldwell Banker agent!

I am pleased to announce that after nearly ten, successful years with a regional brokerage, I have joined the Coldwell Banker Sierra Oaks office.

I'm excited to be affiliated with such a well-known brokerage and in a better position to serve clients and the merging Sacramento and Bay Area markets with state-of-the-art technology, global marketing exposure and partnerships world-wide to help make moving easier than ever.

And moving can be hard! I experienced my own pains moving brokerages which included a momentary loss of files, a longer-than-desired website outage, the expense of new marketing material and the challenge of remembering to turn left and not right when I leave my driveway for the office, just to name a few.

But I decided to go with the flow, reminding myself that Coldwell Banker is in the business of serving real estate agents and I am not the first one, nor the last, to switch brokerages. I trusted in the process, hung in there when it got bumpy and saw each detail of the move through. I took the overwhelming job itself in small bites until the entire plate of tasks was complete. In other words, I followed my own advice. Phew! 

The experience has renewed my empathy for the emotional, physical and financial toll moving takes on the mover. And I've been reminded that the reward can be sweet when we persist with patience and perseverance. 

Please take a moment to read my favorite page-client testimonials-here and thank you for visiting my site. Your feedback is welcome, and I look forward to hearing from you!